Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Creative Space

My creative space this week finds me loving this autumn weather and with many projects on the go....

New teaspoon bookmarks have just hit my shop.

They are a smaller, flatter version of my Cook Book Clips  and area lovely way to mark you spot in a favourite or current book.
My teacup bird feeders are also making a comeback and the supplies are building up for the April and Easter markets. As Autumn moves in down here and the food starts to dry up for the birds in out area it was lovely to see a little bird partaking of our fare this morning. Only wish I had had the camera on hand.

I have also been working on repainting a cane surround mirror that I picked up from the side of the road. I love the cyclic nature of nature strip finds. I find many treasures in this way and always make sure I return the karmic favour by placing my unwanted items out to find their way into someone elses life. They never last long either. This week after finding the mirror I finally decided to get rid of the only remaining wooden bar stool. I think it was about 5 mins before it had been picked up. But I digress.... My new to me mirror was a terrible 'old bathroon pink' and is now on its was to being classic white. Before and after shots to come another time.

Last but not least, my vegie garden has amazed all and continues to grow despite the cat deciding that it is now here favourite place to sleep in the sun ( 3 snow pea plants died for her comfort) and the dog that has taken a liking to nibbling the lemongrass and silverbeet at the base of the plants. Nonetheless, the surviving peas needed a frame to climb up, so, as of this afternoon there is now a trellis hung on our fence. The man at Bunnings wanted to make it so complicated and I'm sure he would not approve of my hanging method. Rather than multiple screws and brackets I have opted for  3 squared hooks mounted to the fence, which will enable me to remove or raise the trellis frame when I want/need. Silly man, there is no rule that says things can only be used  for their original purpose....

Take a break from your creating, and pop over to Kootoyoo to browse through what other creative folk have been up to.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Creative Space

 I Wish.....

My first creative space for a while finds me wishing....
Wishing for more time  -  my mind is working a million miles an hour with new ideas and there is is not enough hours left in the day after normal work and after school activities to get them all done.
I have new ideas for the silver cutlery that I hope will be a winner for Easter, and, I also want to have time to play around , just experimenting with spoons like the one above - nothing for sale,  just feel good stuff around the house for me.
I also have a grand new idea for fleece this winter. I am calling it B.L.I.S.S. ( but you will have to wait for the great unveiling to see what it stands for.) BUT, and this is a big BUT , BLISS is still in my mind and has yet to have any prototypes made.
The plus side however it that sewing can be done late at night. Bashing spoons flat and then stamping them is a little noisey to be done after dark.

As for all the other ideas, eg  the clothes that I would like to make,  learning  to crochet/knit , free form stiching, being creative with coffee sacks, the list goes on -   well, they will just have percolate in the brain a little longer.

I hope you find time for your creative persuits and play along at Kootoyoo

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bite Size Snippets .....

After the recent success of my 'Mini Maps of Melbourne' Coaster sets which were chosen to be gifts for the International VIPS at last weeks Loreal Fashion Week here in Melbourne and the requests I have had for sets from more northern destinations, Bite-Size Bits of Brisbane and Snippets of Sydney Coaster sets have been born. So favourite or memorable places in any city up the east coast can now be a talking point and create a drink with a difference.

The original .....

how they look when assembled

and the new additions....

Next in line is a wider range of aviation map placemats and some travel tealights ....... stay tuned .....

Monday, March 21, 2011

. . . Hiatus Over . . .

Big and Little has been on a hiatus for the last 4 months due mostly to the fact that I cannot do everything. Now however due to so many email and  other requests I will attempt to get it back up and going.
Just before the hiatus last year I started my Hand Stamped Silver Spoons and Forks. I thought these might be a cute little gift  for Christmas and that I might sell a couple or three. Over 500 spoons later I am still amazed how successful they have been and continue to be. With this, Christmas, school holidays, work and wanting to spend as much time as possible with the family in the small glimpses of summer that we had, it was necessary to sleep at night and take a break from blogging.
Over the next little while I will show you what I have been up to creatively over the last few months. To do it all now would be too much for anyone to handle - including me.
Lets just start with the fact that it is work tomorrow and my vow this year is to me more varied in the jewellery I wear ( and the wardrobe for that matter). Normally I have one necklace and wear it to death - not this year - this is the year of change!
On this note, tonight, I have been inspired by all the dandelion (or fairy clocks as they are called in our house) craft there is around at the moment and have made/stamped myself a pair of brass earings to wear tomorrow.
Not quite how I imagined them but pleased all the same. No one at the office tomorrow will notice ( a downside of all male co-workers) but I will know they are new and different.
Judge for yourself.......

I will change the jump rings and hooks for brass coloured when I have a chance to get to Spotlight etc but to be able to wear them tomorrow silver will have to do. I am a perfectionist when it comes to selling my products but for my family and myself, many shortcuts or 'modifications' are made - all in the name of experimentation of course.
'till next time - happy autumn


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