Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Creative Space

My creative space this week finds me loving this autumn weather and with many projects on the go....

New teaspoon bookmarks have just hit my shop.

They are a smaller, flatter version of my Cook Book Clips  and area lovely way to mark you spot in a favourite or current book.
My teacup bird feeders are also making a comeback and the supplies are building up for the April and Easter markets. As Autumn moves in down here and the food starts to dry up for the birds in out area it was lovely to see a little bird partaking of our fare this morning. Only wish I had had the camera on hand.

I have also been working on repainting a cane surround mirror that I picked up from the side of the road. I love the cyclic nature of nature strip finds. I find many treasures in this way and always make sure I return the karmic favour by placing my unwanted items out to find their way into someone elses life. They never last long either. This week after finding the mirror I finally decided to get rid of the only remaining wooden bar stool. I think it was about 5 mins before it had been picked up. But I digress.... My new to me mirror was a terrible 'old bathroon pink' and is now on its was to being classic white. Before and after shots to come another time.

Last but not least, my vegie garden has amazed all and continues to grow despite the cat deciding that it is now here favourite place to sleep in the sun ( 3 snow pea plants died for her comfort) and the dog that has taken a liking to nibbling the lemongrass and silverbeet at the base of the plants. Nonetheless, the surviving peas needed a frame to climb up, so, as of this afternoon there is now a trellis hung on our fence. The man at Bunnings wanted to make it so complicated and I'm sure he would not approve of my hanging method. Rather than multiple screws and brackets I have opted for  3 squared hooks mounted to the fence, which will enable me to remove or raise the trellis frame when I want/need. Silly man, there is no rule that says things can only be used  for their original purpose....

Take a break from your creating, and pop over to Kootoyoo to browse through what other creative folk have been up to.


BOB & MABEL said...

Love the bookmarks, just gorgeous!

Flower Photography said...

Love the book marks!! That cup looks like it is floating :-)


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