Thursday, September 30, 2010

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 30 - Final Day

I was hoping to be able to go out with a bang today and have some lovely shots from our visit to the zoo, but, alas no. The fever that has hit me for the last few days has now struck Mia and Sarah and no-one was up to walking around a crowded zoo. Maybe tomorrow - maybe not - I hope so though as it is the last free day we have for ages as Sarah's baksetball finals kick in next week and  HPV training starts this weeken Sundayd so all weekends are fulled up till at least Cup Day.
We did manage to get out for a short time today. When the panadol had kicked in and everyone had a normal temp for a while we ventured out to Jells Park to meet the cousins and also pick up the bike rack for Sarah's HPV training this Sunday. It was nice to get some fresh air and Mia was so happy she finally had someone to play shops with. It is wearing very thin at our house.

You can see how heavy Mia's eyes were looking but thankyou to C1 and C2 for entertaining her with such enthusiasm.
When I started 30 photos in 30 days I did not think it would be as difficult as it was to take a photo a day. It has definately shown me that I could not do the 365 day  photo blogs like some others, unless I give up all other forms of work and cut back to being a full time SAHM who does some crafting on the side. To those who accomplish the 365 task while tackling motherhood and work, I salute you.

Maybe over summer though, I might give it another go, as it is definately easier to take non-repetitive photos when you can be outside till 9 at night.

Till then - normal every-other-day blogging will be the norm. Thanks for tuning in for the past 30 days.

My Creative Space

My Creative space this week is very uncreative due to a rather persistant fever that is leaving me blurgh and cold. Even though this week needs to be one of my busiest creatively, as craft markets have approved all my new products for sale, and so therefore I have to build up to market stock levels rather that just one or two on hand for madeit sales, all I have been able to manage is the bird present for my sisters birthday the other day.
These are not very good photos as I did not  realise I had not taken any photos of the finished product until I was running late on Sunday  and was desperately trying to wrap everything before we left for lunch. So the photos were taken on my phone and the focus is not very good when inside or when under pressure.

So rushed was I that I didn't even think of moving the unused fabric from behind the cage.

This one, not so bad

And this one please excuse the birght orange bag that sort of grabs all the attention and something I didn't even notice till I was posting the photo to this page.

Oh well, I will claim that I was starting to get sick when they were taken and I am definately sick now, so therefore the design part of the brain was and is severely out of whack.

Play along with your better photographed creative space at Lou's.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 29 and Wordless Wednesday (but with a few words)

Carolines Birthday

Again no photo taken today as it took all my effort to drag my body out of bed and off to work this morning. Pointing a camera at something was the furthest thing from my mind. This fever/flu thing has taught me more about what medications work for me. Panadol does nothing, Codral Cold and Flu make me feel wierd but sort of work, Dimetap and Sudafed I react very badly to but the best thing for both fever and head ( no good for the nose) is good old Aspro Clear - who'd have thunk it? I am only sitting at my computer tonight thanks to good old fashioned Aspro Clear.
Happy Birthday to my dear sister with whom I share this blog ( she is odd socks) and welcome to the upper levels of your 30's (hehe). So for todays photo we will have one of the birthday girl.

I thought this photo appropriate as the drawn Grand Final (where this photo was taken) has affected both our birthday's - but at least my party didn't have to be postponed due to the match replay (again hehehe) and Wordless Wednesday should be of one day that can never be repeated.

For Wordless Wednesday just ignore all I wrote, look at the picture and play along here.

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 28

This post is a day late as yesterday that bus I was hit with on Monday night became a whole fleet of busses and a temp of 40'C+ and my head did not leave my pillow ( moreover it couldn't) so the day sort of passed me by. The event of the day for the girls however was feeding duties of the farm animals at school. This includes, sheep, lambs, ducks, goats, chickens ( and the lovely dozen eggs that were collected), peacocks and cows.
The favourites are the lambs so here is a photo from my collection and we will just pretend I took it yesterday.

Cute aren't they - easy to see why they are favourites.

Monday, September 27, 2010

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 27 and @my house

Again with the combining posts but such is life.
At my house today we are enjoying the start of the second week of holidays, sleeping in 'til 9am and I am recovering from my birthday lunch yesterday. After so much food this cake went basically uneaten, so someone had to appreciate and eat it today. This cake has swiss roll slices around the outside whilst the centre is icecream with rasberries mixed through it and then loads of rasberries and  piled on top. Absolute YUM! - Thanks Mum.

 I think there has been so much going on these past few weeks that my body has finally succumbed to the bug that has hit eveyone else in my family. I was hoping it had passed me by but alas, I fear not. I have that 'hit by a bus' feeling tonight. Hopefully with a good nights sleep it will go away.
There is still too much to fit into these holdiays.
We are rostered on to feed all the stock animals at school tomorrow,  boring work on wednesday, hopefully the zoo on Thursday, flying on Friday if the weather is good and the rematch of the  AFL Grand Final on Saturday (still hoping tickets will turn up somehow).

Sarah and Mia helped to extend my birthday by posing as 2 extra presents using yesterday's wrapping paper

Play along with your house at Lou's

Sunday, September 26, 2010

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 26

39 Today!

no I am not 3539! I shared birthday celebtrations with my sister whose birthday is on Wednesday.

 I can be happy about this birthday as I am still under 40 ( which according to both my children is really old)
When I was in my twenties the idea of being nearly 40 was something I wanted to avoid - turning 30 was going to be bad enough but today at 39, I can say that I do not feel any different to the 20-something girl - just a few more responsibilitieswith a few more, actually a lot more, wrinkles and wobbly bits.
So after a day of being totally spoilt by my family I thought I would see if I could list 39 things about myself that you might not know and maybe I have not realised about myself until now.

1. I am a real red head - although I do have help hiding some of the greys
2. I am perfectly happy celebrating my birthday with family and no big fuss.
3. I like myself better now than in my early 20's and I would not go back in time.
4. I love being a mother, and having 2 children is not twice as hard.
5. If there was not such a large gap between Sarah and Mia I would love to have had more kids.
6. I still love cute shoes - although my collection is slightly smaller than in my 20's
7. I always have a tape measure in my handbag.
8. I love Thai food
9. I love seafood.
10. I am more confortable in my own skin now than I have ever been.
11. I love it that my girls and I all have birthday's in September although it can be a strain on the wallet.
12. I hate blue cheese.
13. I play piano and have taught it
14. I wish Brett and I could spend more time together - life is so hectic at the moment.
15. I have all my teeth - including wisdom teeth and have had since I was 15
16. I dont drink nearly enough water.
17. I am a planner - everything is planned in advance.
18. I am not good with going with the flow.
19. I love photography and wish I could spend more time learning about it.
20. I love to cook cakes but....
21. I would happily give up cooking dinner every night.
22. I hate food shopping.
23. I would love to own a car which had back doors. - especially with 2 kids
24. I have only owned hatch back cars.
25. One day I will get married.
26. I will never get a tattoo.
27. I would love to have my own craft room. I was supposed to in this house but 3 wks after moving in I found out I was pregnant with mia - bye bye craft room, hello babies room.
28.  I hope my girls grow up to be as close as my sister and I.
29. I love vintage silver at the moment and cannot find enough of it.
30. I wish my metabolism would keep up with the fact that I love cakes.
31. My eyes change colour depending on what I wear between blue, green, grey, hazel and a wierd kind of dark yellow ( I hate this one and avoid wearing colours that bring this out).
32. I have had a cat all my life.
33. I love 80's music
34. I love jelly snakes and am a sucker for licorice.
35. I ADORE dark chocolate and hate white chocolate - not even a chocolate in my book.
36. I would love to be more daring in my wardrobe.
37. My perfect house would be overlooking a beach with no close nieghbours.
38.  I am a hoarder and don't like to throw anything out (much to the dislike of my husband)
39. I have realised that age is only a number and it is how you live and feel that counts.

Oh my, that was hard. I do not think I will repeat it for my 40th, but I am glad I did it.
Now I think it is time to curl up on the couch and relax before the week starts again tomorrow

Saturday, September 25, 2010

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 25

AFL GRAND FINAL DAY -  and I had a ticket

As a Magpie supporter what a day it should have been. Should being the operative word. After getting away to a decent (possibly game winning) lead Collingwood seemed to forget there was a 3rd quarter, and then forget that the ball should go between the big sticks not the little ones, and  to do this you need to actually get your hands on the ball. Through sheer luck they held on for a draw but unfortunately that also means that the whole game gets played again next Saturday and it is most unlikely that I will get tickets to that game.

We can but live in hope......

Tomorrow is my birthday  - a wonderful way to top off a wonderful weekend.

Friday, September 24, 2010

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 24

Todays photo is a little secretive as when finished it will be one of  my sisters birthday presents for our combined birthday lunch on Sunday. I was planning to work on it tomorrow but instead my lovely sister has given me a ticket to the AFL Grand Final! YAY!
And even better we are a family of Collongwood supporters and they are going into the game as the form team. It has been 20 years since we last won the flag and I would love the next win to be on a day when I was actually there.

Anyway, I must go and finish the present and make a lasagne for eveyone else to eat tomorrow night as I am not sure what time I will get home after the game with all the traffic.
Hopefully tomorrows photo will be a very happy one from the game. GO PIES!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Creative Space

My creative space this week finds me working on perfecting a wrinkle free version of my map coasters......

These are still of a very old Brisbane and surrounds - Nerang, on the gold coast is no longer the little town  with  so much empty land that this map shows


also  new product 4 of 5 - Christmas carol tea lights

These will have words and music of all the favourite carols ready to light up with the beautiful glow of a candle.
Hopefully they will be another nice little new Christmas something for the markets.

Hope your week has been creative.

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 23

Sarah bought me a bunch of roses the other day and they were a bunch of buds. With the heat from the heater the last few nights they have opened very quickly and I wanted to catch a photo of them before they passed their best.
Rose buds are very elegant and beautiful but there is something very friendly about an open rose I think.
On looking up the meaning of a yellow rose, Sarah chose very well. It means, happiness and 'I care'

Thank you my darling daughter for my beautiful gift. You brighten my day.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 22

It is amazing what my children get up to once they go to bed. Sarah and Mia do not normally share a room but when I went to check on them and found Sarah's bed empty, I must admit my heart skipped a beat. It was put at ease again when I found her asleep on a self made bed on Mia's floor.
Both have been waking with nightmares lately, usually one after the other, just far enough apart that I am almost back to sleep after reassuringly putting one back to bed and then lying there with the inbility to fall straight back to sleep.

If this was a school night I am not sure I would have let this lie (hehe), actually I dont think Sarah would have done it, but since it is holidays - go for it girls, and prehaps tonight everyone will get a full, restfull nights sleep.

After struggling to keep the camera steady in the low light I have decided I must get one of those flash things that bounces it off the ceiling and creates a soft light. Now if I could only remember the name of it or the blog I saw it on.......

Wordless Wednesday


Play along here

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 21

I know this photo is a day late but I had no computer last night  and I somehow think my boss would have a dim view of me posting on my blog while I am supposed to be creating his website.
So tonight, a day late, here it is.


After a very enthusiastic first appearance by some tree lopping guys, 2 weeks later we had not seen them again and were left with a back yard full of branches, a front yard full of branches and a huge tree still across the remains of our shed.
Thanks to the insurance assessor who came out on Monday and decided that I needed a clothesline by the end of the week and as it as school holidays he deemed the girls needed somewhere to play so organised new tree guys to come out and finish the job.
Well they arrived today - a much more professional looking group too, and within 3 hours the whole lot was gone.

Now we just have the fun of extracting the last of our belongings and totalling the damage.

Monday, September 20, 2010

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 20

I have a stupid fear of chickens and today did nothing to improve it.
When we lived in Brisbane one of houses came with chickens and it would take me 10 mins to pluck up the courage to check for eggs. Our hens were the most gentle, aimiable birds on the planet but I still had this idea in the back of my mind that they would turn all evil on me. Just like when diving all I hear is the Jaws music - but that is another story.

The chicken fear stems from one day when I was little and a horrid little bantem rooster chased me around a friends back yard and pecked at my feet whenever I stood still. I now, rather irrationally, think bigger chook - bigger pain.
Anyway this chook and I met tete-a-tete today as it had escaped from its yard and I could see the scheming going on - just look at that eye! I know it sensed my fear.

Needless to say the longest lens possible was used for this photo so a quick getaway could be made. Dont get me wrong - I love the sound of chickens and also fresh eggs but not if I have to do it.

Deb @ works in progress posted great pics today about chicken love at her house. I loved the chicken hug photo of a chook with her son - secretly wishing I could get that close to a chicken. - Maybe one day after hefty doses of therapy.

@my house New Products - Finally!

At my house today we are mini-celebrating as I am very happy with the way my new teaspoon bookmarks have turned out. The first in the 5 new products I hope to have finished in the next week.

I have always liked the souvenir teaspoons you get from all over the place but hated the normal display stand way of showing them off, so therefore, like everyone else they get shoved in a drawer or discarded.
Well now they can have a new life and also keep your place in the lastest book,  until your next moment of escapism.

And this is the little gem I have to thank for enabling me to bend them without snapping the fine handles off.  - My mini butane torch. ( but if the snapping thing does happen, I have products to make from the broken bits too).

These are the outcome...... The flattened spoon goes inside the book and the decorative handle sits down the spine of the book.

They will have custom messages stamped onto the flattened spoon but I haven't decided on what the standard ones will be yet. Prehaps, 'Fell Asleep Here', 'Brain Food', 'Food for the Soul', 'Melanie's Book' etc. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I also attempted some new fork creations but the gas ran out and even though the guy in the tobacco shop made filling the torch seem really easy, I cannot get the butane into it at sufficient pressure or amount. All I get is a low temp bunsen burner flame (although it can look like a flame thrower).
So back I go today, playing the helpless female and get another lesson on gas refills.

Whats happening at your place? Play along and check out some other homes at Lou's.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 19

Todays photos are not ones taken today but rather ones I had thought had been lost forever. Thanks to our Spanish freinds who found these in their collection and emailed them through.

Let me set the scene.....

When our plans to fly home from Paris were cancelled due to September 11, 9 years ago, Brett stayed in France to continue working but a 1 year old Sarah and I headed for a business partners house on the island of Ibiza. I would like to say it was to keep Sarah and I safe from the suspected attack on Paris but thruthfully after 3 mths of living in their tiny apartment, I had had enough of our French hosts and I am sure they of us and I needed to get away.
 Unlike Australia, you do not sit on the sand on Ibiza (something I found very strange) but instead rent a lounge to recline on.
So here are a couple of remiscing photos of a very young looking me and Sarah.

Slip, Slop slap Ibiza style

 Now I am on a mission to find our lost European photos. They have to be somewhere!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 18

Today was the Sarah's last basketball game for the season, before the finals (which they will be in, but not for another 3 weeks) so to celebrate we used the free dinner at Hogs Breath Cafe that she had won 3 weeks ago as best player on court. Not the best dinner in the world but a free dinner out is a free dinner out and I love  having a night off from cooking. As the charger for my little FT1 camera ,best small camera I've owned, is still missing and I do not carry the SLR around with me everywhere, we again have to put up with the iphone camera. So please forgive the poor, shitty, pathetic quality of the shot. As all photos of Brett usually have the typical Brett curled lip I was very happy to get this one with everyone smiling (including Brett), and looking the same way at the same time, that I dont really care about the crappiness of the quality or the bunny ears Sarah is doing, hrrmmmmm bunny ears are the best way to ruin a photo.

picture removed

Tomorrow I am off to play with my new butane torch in my parents shed ( as ours is still under a tree in the back yard) and bend some spoons in a way that no-one I can find anywhere has thought of doing before, so stay tuned for some new product shots tomorrow.

Friday, September 17, 2010

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 17

Friday mornings in this house mean Kinder Gym and it is a definate requirement of our week. Mia loves to climb anything and everything and this is the perfect outlet for her. She gets to climb, swing and forward roll to her hearts content.
Here is my monkey in action. Both of these are above my head ( Mia likes to look down on 'little mummy') so I am glad I don't have to hold or catch her.

Mia proudly wore her Collingwood jacket again today and no doubt she will be wearing it a lot next week as they have just wiped out Geelong in the Preliminary Final and rightly deserve their place in the Grand Final next week.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 16

Over the half way mark now and I must admit it is harder than I thought to take a photo everyday. I mean some days just not that much happens that is photo worthy. Mia and I had a snooze this afternoon while it rained, hence the time on the photo and there is no way she was going to bed at the normal time tonight.
But now for todays photo explanation .........
Ever since Sarah got her ipod touch, Mia has pestered me more than usual to play games on my iphone. To the point that I will have to find a new place to charge it as there is many a morning that I have got out of the shower to find Mia either playing games or watching her itune movies on my phone whilst curled up in my bed.
Tonight is not exception. Sarah was playing angry birds on her ipod and I found Mia playing basketball on my phone. I wish kids were not so darn techosavvy so young.

See y'all tomorrow on hopefully a more exciting kind of day.

My Creative Space

My creative space this week finds me totally rethinking my market stall.
7 years ago no-one was selling pouch style baby slings anywhere much in Aus and baby wearing was just starting to take off. As such my business boomed and I easily replaced my old full time job income plus more with one day at the market 3 out of every 4 weeks and sewing at night and while Sarah was at kinder etc. Today you find slings everywhere and add to this the ecconomic climate of the past couple of years and the fact that there are free patterns for slings all over the internet,  sales have dropped dramatically and it is now my 'supplemental' products that are bringing in the money. I have also lost the desire to keep thinking of new baby products.

Since my upcycled spoons have been so popular I am moving more toward this line of upcycling thinking and are hoping to have completed samples of the new product range in the next couple of days so they can either be approved or rejected by the market committee.

My new mini butane torch arrived today so the small spoon bending can begin. Now all those souvenir teaspoons that people discard will soon have a new lease of life.
So too will this map from a 1996 version of the Brisbane UBD ( this is where we lived way back then)

These maps, but for the Melbourne markets from vintage Melways, as well as nautical charts will be turned into these....

I have several other coasters that are undergoing the waterproofing test, that are of a rounded square shape, which I think I like better, but since they are only tests they have very ugly advertising maps from the font section of the UBD on them and are not photo worthy. - not to mention the wrinkles from learning how to use modge podge. Everyone raves about this stuff but I must admit I am having some serious wrinkle problems. Any tips???
Also on the list of to do's are upcycling tea light candles, recycled sheet music, christmas carols and coffee sacks. ( A lot of these will require the mastering of modge podging) I have a very busy few days ahead but I love the inventing/design stage of new products.

I am also glad that there will be no more birthday cake baking after the efforts of the last couple of weeks have left me considerable heavier than I started out. I wish I didn't like cake so much.
Here are a couple of shots of the finished Thomas Cake for Mia last weekend ( actually a James cake as he is the favourite engine).

I hope your week is as creative as it can be. If so, play along here at Kootoyoo

As a footnote.........I am also committing to attend the Perle8 group next week (Sept 23rd). Now I have said that I will go and everyone has read it I cannot not turn up. ( What do you bet that the group stops during the holidays - hehehe, this would be just my luck)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 15

Our whole family supports Collingwood , and has supported Collingwood for generations, (to the point that there is no other choice apart from excommunication) and today Mia got into the spirit too.  May the mighty Magpies please beat Geelong this Friday and make it into the Grand Final - for my birthday.

Wordless Wednesday

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 14

Today has been full of diggers, mud and dirt - well photos of them anyway. Selecting and organising the final  photos for my 'normal work's' webiste is absolutely draining and quite tedious. I will be very glad when I have finished the site.

At least my nephew loves looking through the photos - and scarily he can name all the different types of machines too.

Monday, September 13, 2010

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 13 and @ my house

I am cheating here and putting 2 posts into the 1 and then also including more than 1 photo..........

Apparently I have been a little stressed the last couple of weeks. This would have nothing to do with birthday shopping for 4 people in 2 wks, seemingly endless cake baking, 2 girls who could not wait for their birthdays, standard sister squabbles, sewing, spoons, 'normal' work, trees falling on sheds and very slow insurance companies. Quite a quiet fortnight really.
Any hoo, this is the face that Mia used when she was pretending to be me this morning with her toy family.
This is her stressed face.

She even had some of the wording down pat too.....'Dont even think of touching that cake if you want one for your birthday' 'Just give mummy a minute' ' can you two get along for just 5 minutes please' and the best one of all.... 'because I said so and I am the mum'

All of this was said as she sat at her new kitchen baking pancakes and strawberries for her toys this morning.

I was a little disappointed at the size of this kitchen when I set it up. The picture in the catalogue had a 3 year old ish standing next to it - not kneeling. Oh well Mia likes it and that is all that matters.

What's happening at your place? Have a look here.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 12

*** Mia's 3rd Birthday ***
Today my baby baby turns 3 and as she told me in no uncetain terms today, she is now too old to be a baby - especially as she now has one of her own (courtesy of Nanny and Grampy). Mia also thought she was extra special having a second party on her actual birthday. The other non-party was simply candles and the happy birthday song followed by cupcakes  for everyone at playgroup, but for Mia it was a party with all her friends. Oh how I wish parties stayed this simple as they grew up.
Today's party was only family - this is big enough when everyone turns up - and the birthday girl was totally spoilt and seems to love all her presents as they have all been played with and declared her favourtie at different times throughout the day.
Now we just need a bigger house to fit them all in - a new kitchen set and associated food, train set, dolls cradle and pram, dolls house and scooter all take up precious space. Then there is only jsut over 3 mths till Christmas when it is all added to again ..... Arrrghhhhh

But for now Happy Birthday my darling  Mia and may you always look and feel as happy and special as you did today when Happy Birthday is sung to you.

see you tomorrow.....
oh and yesterdays photo is finally up.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 11

September 11. Oh what memories that brings back.
On the actual day of attack I was feeding stale breadstick with a 1yr old Sarah to the ducks in a small french village - enjoying what I thought was to be our last day in France (we were supposed to fly out Sept 12th) when Brett rang on a very archaic mobile phone to tell me a plane had just flown into the World Trade Centre in New York. I assumed it was a little plane and an accident so continued our stroll in the park blissfully unaware. It was only on returning to the flat that I realised the enormity of it all.
Fast forward to 2007. I had spent 1 1/2 days with contractions 7 mins apart and although I desperately wanted that baby out even if she was only 35 weeks I did not want her born on Spet 11 and have her birthday overshadowed by an act of terrorism. As it was the contractions stayed at 7 mins apart for another 24 hours ( making it 3 days on total) until I think half as an act of mercy she was born at 1:30pm Sept 12th.
Todays photo will be posted tomorrow due to technical difficulties with the memeory card reader.

and as promised yesterdays photo - nothing to do with Spetember 11. Just a nice photo of Sarah and Mr Guinea Pig ( so named by Mia after the guinea pig in Pinky Dinky Doo)

Friday, September 10, 2010

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 10

Mia discovered the dress up basket today and what a day she had. In one afternoon (after a double session of Kindergym which I thought would totally wear her out), our house has been visited by the easter bunny, a queen, a wizard, a cloud (amazing what a fluffy white nylon mesh 70's nightgown can become),a zebra, and a ladybug but the favourite that kept appearing every second outfit was the snow white dress. Each of the outfits changed so fast there was no chance for photos and I was only lucky enough to catch this one of the snow white dress because I think exhaustion had finally caught up with Mia and a 5 second rest on the couch was needed before dinner. Someone's not half excited about her birthday are they ......

Thursday, September 9, 2010

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 9

One of the nicest things for a parent to see is their children playing happily together. With a 7 year gap between my 2 girls there is not often a common ground, but tonight found Sarah teaching Mia the hand clapping game 'Down by the Banks of the Hanky Panky' and I was very surpirsed how quickly Mia picked up the words and if not all the clapping, she certainly found the beat and got the thumbs up bit at the end.
It was lovely to hear them so happy together - I could have listened for hours.

My Creative Space

My creative space this week , I wish could say finds me resting on my laurels with the success of Sarah's rainbow cake last week, .......

the cake table spread - cake with butterflies and butterfly cupcakes.

 outside view of the actual cake - 
which stood about 25cm tall when all layers were added

and then the inside

 one slice was on the rather large size with each one serving 3 people

 .....but instead I am devising how I am going to make a Thomas the Tank Engine cake for Mia's 3rd birthday this Sunday. It was initially going to be an actual engine but since I  have been making cupcakes endlessley this week - 80 in total - I think the cake will morph into a number three cake with train tracks and Thomas on top. When baking has to be balanced with sewing baby sling orders, filling all the spoon orders and normal work, something has to give. I wish I was, but I am not Superwoman - or magic.
I had also planned to make it to a new craft group (new for me) in not quite my local area tonight, but instead fell asleep in Mia's bed while I was reading her some books, and woke up a couple of hours later - hence the late posting time of this.
I hope your week is creative and a little less hectic than mine (although mine has been delicious).
For relaxation, or inspiration, check out what other people are up to at Kootoyoo.


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