Sunday, September 19, 2010

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 19

Todays photos are not ones taken today but rather ones I had thought had been lost forever. Thanks to our Spanish freinds who found these in their collection and emailed them through.

Let me set the scene.....

When our plans to fly home from Paris were cancelled due to September 11, 9 years ago, Brett stayed in France to continue working but a 1 year old Sarah and I headed for a business partners house on the island of Ibiza. I would like to say it was to keep Sarah and I safe from the suspected attack on Paris but thruthfully after 3 mths of living in their tiny apartment, I had had enough of our French hosts and I am sure they of us and I needed to get away.
 Unlike Australia, you do not sit on the sand on Ibiza (something I found very strange) but instead rent a lounge to recline on.
So here are a couple of remiscing photos of a very young looking me and Sarah.

Slip, Slop slap Ibiza style

 Now I am on a mission to find our lost European photos. They have to be somewhere!

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