Monday, September 20, 2010

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 20

I have a stupid fear of chickens and today did nothing to improve it.
When we lived in Brisbane one of houses came with chickens and it would take me 10 mins to pluck up the courage to check for eggs. Our hens were the most gentle, aimiable birds on the planet but I still had this idea in the back of my mind that they would turn all evil on me. Just like when diving all I hear is the Jaws music - but that is another story.

The chicken fear stems from one day when I was little and a horrid little bantem rooster chased me around a friends back yard and pecked at my feet whenever I stood still. I now, rather irrationally, think bigger chook - bigger pain.
Anyway this chook and I met tete-a-tete today as it had escaped from its yard and I could see the scheming going on - just look at that eye! I know it sensed my fear.

Needless to say the longest lens possible was used for this photo so a quick getaway could be made. Dont get me wrong - I love the sound of chickens and also fresh eggs but not if I have to do it.

Deb @ works in progress posted great pics today about chicken love at her house. I loved the chicken hug photo of a chook with her son - secretly wishing I could get that close to a chicken. - Maybe one day after hefty doses of therapy.

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