Thursday, September 2, 2010

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 2

Today saw the start of what I hope will become a regular thing in our family again. - Going to the library!.
When Sarah was little we used to go every Thursday for storytime and bring home a whole pile of books.
Now with Mia, she has the whole collection of books Sarah accumulated, DVD's now exist, my work takes out whole days and then on the days I am not working, when you factor in playgroup and kindergym for Mia and Basketball training etc for Sarah it was easier to buy books for Sarah to read and then watch them pile up in her room. She is an avid reader to say the least, is always found curled up somewhere reading and often has 3 books ont he go at one time - denpending on which mood she is in. Because of this her bookshelves are overflowing and books are now in piles on the floor. I suggested she get rid of some of her books and the look of horror on her face was quite funny - so they stay.
Last Sunday I had promised the girls we would go somewhere while Brett was flying and I had thought the park would be good but on a miserable morning and indoor solution had to be found. Sarah was desperate to get the 2nd book in  a series she had just started reading and since the bookshop did not have it in stock I suggested we try the library.
They didn't have it either but she did come home with 5 other books (she loves the teenage fiction section), Mia 3 and myself with a few books on junk jewellery. I have decided that I really like the look of steampunk stuff but don't think I could wear most of it.
Sarah was so enthused that she wanted to make the library a weekly event and the only afternoon available was Thursday, so today was the start.  She returned the 5 books she had read since Sunday and only borrowed 4 this time with the reason that as it was her birthday this weekend she probably wouldn't get as much reading done as normal.
This photo was how I found both of them after browsing for a few things myself.

I apologise for the quality of the photos for yesterday and today. The charger for my camera's battery has taken a walk by itself and so I have to rely on the camera on the phone - a poor substitute, but since I have turned the house upside down looking for the charger I work on the fact that if I stop looking and pretend I dont care, it will turn up.

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