Wednesday, September 22, 2010

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 22

It is amazing what my children get up to once they go to bed. Sarah and Mia do not normally share a room but when I went to check on them and found Sarah's bed empty, I must admit my heart skipped a beat. It was put at ease again when I found her asleep on a self made bed on Mia's floor.
Both have been waking with nightmares lately, usually one after the other, just far enough apart that I am almost back to sleep after reassuringly putting one back to bed and then lying there with the inbility to fall straight back to sleep.

If this was a school night I am not sure I would have let this lie (hehe), actually I dont think Sarah would have done it, but since it is holidays - go for it girls, and prehaps tonight everyone will get a full, restfull nights sleep.

After struggling to keep the camera steady in the low light I have decided I must get one of those flash things that bounces it off the ceiling and creates a soft light. Now if I could only remember the name of it or the blog I saw it on.......

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