Saturday, September 18, 2010

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 18

Today was the Sarah's last basketball game for the season, before the finals (which they will be in, but not for another 3 weeks) so to celebrate we used the free dinner at Hogs Breath Cafe that she had won 3 weeks ago as best player on court. Not the best dinner in the world but a free dinner out is a free dinner out and I love  having a night off from cooking. As the charger for my little FT1 camera ,best small camera I've owned, is still missing and I do not carry the SLR around with me everywhere, we again have to put up with the iphone camera. So please forgive the poor, shitty, pathetic quality of the shot. As all photos of Brett usually have the typical Brett curled lip I was very happy to get this one with everyone smiling (including Brett), and looking the same way at the same time, that I dont really care about the crappiness of the quality or the bunny ears Sarah is doing, hrrmmmmm bunny ears are the best way to ruin a photo.

picture removed

Tomorrow I am off to play with my new butane torch in my parents shed ( as ours is still under a tree in the back yard) and bend some spoons in a way that no-one I can find anywhere has thought of doing before, so stay tuned for some new product shots tomorrow.

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