Sunday, September 12, 2010

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 12

*** Mia's 3rd Birthday ***
Today my baby baby turns 3 and as she told me in no uncetain terms today, she is now too old to be a baby - especially as she now has one of her own (courtesy of Nanny and Grampy). Mia also thought she was extra special having a second party on her actual birthday. The other non-party was simply candles and the happy birthday song followed by cupcakes  for everyone at playgroup, but for Mia it was a party with all her friends. Oh how I wish parties stayed this simple as they grew up.
Today's party was only family - this is big enough when everyone turns up - and the birthday girl was totally spoilt and seems to love all her presents as they have all been played with and declared her favourtie at different times throughout the day.
Now we just need a bigger house to fit them all in - a new kitchen set and associated food, train set, dolls cradle and pram, dolls house and scooter all take up precious space. Then there is only jsut over 3 mths till Christmas when it is all added to again ..... Arrrghhhhh

But for now Happy Birthday my darling  Mia and may you always look and feel as happy and special as you did today when Happy Birthday is sung to you.

see you tomorrow.....
oh and yesterdays photo is finally up.

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Bellgirl said...

What a wonderful cake! I know a small boy who would be very impressed. The birthday girl looks very pleased!


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