Monday, September 27, 2010

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 27 and @my house

Again with the combining posts but such is life.
At my house today we are enjoying the start of the second week of holidays, sleeping in 'til 9am and I am recovering from my birthday lunch yesterday. After so much food this cake went basically uneaten, so someone had to appreciate and eat it today. This cake has swiss roll slices around the outside whilst the centre is icecream with rasberries mixed through it and then loads of rasberries and  piled on top. Absolute YUM! - Thanks Mum.

 I think there has been so much going on these past few weeks that my body has finally succumbed to the bug that has hit eveyone else in my family. I was hoping it had passed me by but alas, I fear not. I have that 'hit by a bus' feeling tonight. Hopefully with a good nights sleep it will go away.
There is still too much to fit into these holdiays.
We are rostered on to feed all the stock animals at school tomorrow,  boring work on wednesday, hopefully the zoo on Thursday, flying on Friday if the weather is good and the rematch of the  AFL Grand Final on Saturday (still hoping tickets will turn up somehow).

Sarah and Mia helped to extend my birthday by posing as 2 extra presents using yesterday's wrapping paper

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Buttons by Lou Lou said...

A belated happy birthday to you. That cake sounds yum. I really love raspberries. There must have been a lot of food for a whole cake like that to still be sitting there!! Sounds like you do have a very busy week. Hope it all goes to plan. It really is so crazy that the grand final is happening all over again!

Thanks for joining in again and hope you get better soon. Lou.

byebyebirdie said...

hope you had a great birthday. Your two presents look great, cute idea of theirs.

Megan said...

mmm yum that cake looks delicious! a friend of mine once made something similar but without the berries and i forgot that i wanted to try it at home myself, thanks for the reminder!
ps. happy birthday!

Cat from Raspberry Rainbow said...

Happy (late) birthday!
That is WAYYYYY cute - your girls wrapping themselves up as presents.


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