Thursday, September 16, 2010

30 Photos in 30 Days - Day 16

Over the half way mark now and I must admit it is harder than I thought to take a photo everyday. I mean some days just not that much happens that is photo worthy. Mia and I had a snooze this afternoon while it rained, hence the time on the photo and there is no way she was going to bed at the normal time tonight.
But now for todays photo explanation .........
Ever since Sarah got her ipod touch, Mia has pestered me more than usual to play games on my iphone. To the point that I will have to find a new place to charge it as there is many a morning that I have got out of the shower to find Mia either playing games or watching her itune movies on my phone whilst curled up in my bed.
Tonight is not exception. Sarah was playing angry birds on her ipod and I found Mia playing basketball on my phone. I wish kids were not so darn techosavvy so young.

See y'all tomorrow on hopefully a more exciting kind of day.

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