Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Creative Space

My Creative space this week is very uncreative due to a rather persistant fever that is leaving me blurgh and cold. Even though this week needs to be one of my busiest creatively, as craft markets have approved all my new products for sale, and so therefore I have to build up to market stock levels rather that just one or two on hand for madeit sales, all I have been able to manage is the bird present for my sisters birthday the other day.
These are not very good photos as I did not  realise I had not taken any photos of the finished product until I was running late on Sunday  and was desperately trying to wrap everything before we left for lunch. So the photos were taken on my phone and the focus is not very good when inside or when under pressure.

So rushed was I that I didn't even think of moving the unused fabric from behind the cage.

This one, not so bad

And this one please excuse the birght orange bag that sort of grabs all the attention and something I didn't even notice till I was posting the photo to this page.

Oh well, I will claim that I was starting to get sick when they were taken and I am definately sick now, so therefore the design part of the brain was and is severely out of whack.

Play along with your better photographed creative space at Lou's.


Brighton Breezy said...

Melanie - this is so weird - I just found the pattern for these birds in a file of last year's bank statements! and I cut it out to play with this w/e - yours look really lovely!

Sorry you're a bit bleuch - get better soon!

annette said...

These little birdies brought a smile to my face! :)


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