Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Creative Space

My creative space this week finds me attempting to make this gorgeous rainbow cake from 'I am mommy, I am baker' for Sarah's 10th birthday on Saturday. I will use food colouring to colour the layers as my attempts to use real fruit aka fresh strawberries has always resulted in a soggy cake. To make it a spring birthday theme there will be many of Marthas little butterflies all around - especially on the drinking straws. I am hoping that I will find a large butterfly punch at spotlight today that might mean all the flutterbys do not have to be cut by hand.

the cake


and the drinks

I will also be continuing my 30 photos in 30 days - a photo a day for the month of September. So far it is going well - but it is only day 2.

I hope your week is creative. Check some others out at Kootoyoo


Amanda said...

I love this theme..The cake will be so awesome!!!!!!

Sarah said...

Good luck with both the cake and the butterfly punch! It looks like it is going to be a stunning party (is it wrong I want that exact theme for my next b'day?)

Chantal said...

Oh wow! That cake is amazing!

Leni and Rose said...

Good luck! That cake is awesome!

Swiedebie said...

(looking amazed) oh my! I love the rainbow cake!!!



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