Monday, April 26, 2010

Hectic Holiday

I thought a long weekend was a time to relax. Apparently not in this household. The day commenced with Mia making herself a bracelet. An extra achievement as she threaded all the beads herself. So happy was she that she then had to make one for mummy and I think it will become a favourite.

 Then there was my finishing 'Little Ted' for Mia so cuddles and reading could commence.

Then it was off to Luna Park for an afternoon of rides.....
Riding the Flying Elephants, the Carousel ( Sarah's attempt at motion photography)  and then onto the big kid rides hence no photos.

and then when all ridden out home to the homemade vegie soup for dinner. Everyone got to choose at least one vegetable to go in the soup so that everyone would like it.

I love family days like this.

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