Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wet Day Slow Down with Humpty

Well after the burst of late hot weather we had last week, winter certainly let us know it is not far away today. It rained, then rained and then rained some more. At least the vegies will be happy. After a busy long weekend and a very late night watching Avatar last night,  a rainy day was the perfect excuse to do not much. That is after going to school with Sarah this morning and tracking down her uniform which she somehow managed to forget to bring home last week and then a quick trip to Bunnings to get some more silicone sealant to keep the rain out of the shed.
Home again and Mia and I sit through an episode of Play School where humpty was the main theme of all activities. While I cleaned Mia set about drawing and instead of her usual 2 1/2 year old scribble, she actually came up with a drawing that resembled what it was - Humpty lying down after he fell off the wall. I know I'm a biased mum but this one had to go on the wall with a black frame.
Below is the original picture and then one with the drawing described for those without 'mum' eyes.

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