Saturday, May 1, 2010

Suprises in the fog

Well this morning was thickest pea soup fog I have seen in a long time. This would have been lovely had I been at home and snuggled in bed but instead I was winding my way through the dark up hills with narrow roads and sharp bends on my way to Red Hill market. It did remind me very much of Brigadoon and I was half expecting/wishing something to appear out of the fog ( and that would not be the car which had no lights on).

arriving at 6.30am in the fog and the dark

stall holders still arriving at 7.30am in the fog

8am and still foggy ( that car is about 10m away)

The fog did lift however to a very windy but clear day and the last market of the season did not disappoint with many children now spending the winter warm and cozy wearing Mumasupial hats and mittens while cuddling their organic wheat bears and the smaller ones snuggled in a Mumasupial Adjustable Pouch Sling or Slip Cover for their Baby Bjorn.

The way home produced its own loveliness with an unexpected find of red and white toadstools gathered  in a pine grove by the side of the road. Tired as I was I had to get out and photograph them. I like to believe toadstools like this which appear like magic overnight  hold some mystery of their own.

 Now for some sleep before Mummy life, not market life, begins again tomorrow.

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