Friday, May 14, 2010

Elephants in Skirts

Being stuck at home for a couple of days and wanting to find something to take my mind off what I need to make/sew for the market on the weekend has proved very profitable for youngest daughter Mia.
Ever since we went to see Mali the baby elephant at Melbourne Zoo, Mia has been besotted with elephants.
Combine this with my desire to try out a couple of the wonderful tutorials I have found online and voila - new elephant themed clothes for Mia.

There is so much 'normal' applique around everywhere on kids clothes I really like the idea of ' Reverse Applique'. With the help of 'That Darn Cat's' lovely instructions the Mali top was born. ( Mia is not the type of child to sit quietly for a photo. No matter now much I want to actually see what she is wearing or how much chocolate she is bribed with).

There was just enough pink fabric left to make a small skirt with a waistband taken from a truly horrid, illfitting skirt Mia had grown out of.

So together the outfit was made.

Bouyed from success (my pride that something worked first time and the fact that Mia didn't want to take them off) and being at home again today I thought I would try this tutorial on making skirts from pants.

This one was made from an old pair of track pants....

Again unable to stand still. The previous photo was taken while she was distracted.

and this one from uncut cord pants.
This photo had to be of the skirt by itself as all the ones with Mia in it were nothing but a blur.

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