Tuesday, May 11, 2010

On a Roll

Bouyed on by the wonderful responses I received for my Zipper delights made last night and a lovely belated Mothers Day lunch with my mother, sister (oddsocks) and my very own energiser bunny Mia, I decided that I would give a T-shirt re-fashion project a go. I wanted to experiment with more zipper ideas that are running around in my head, but ran out of hot glue :(
Sarah has wanted one of my new t-shirts with gathered sleeves etc since I bought it and as she will not be getting it any time soon I thought I would try one of the fashion upcycles that I have seen on many lovely blogs for turning old Dad t-shirts into kids clothes.
Well I think it worked out very well. 

From this.......

To this.......
The ruffles may not stay yet - not sure if Sarah will like them but wanted to see what they would look like and if I could make decent ruffles.

1 comment:

twirlingbetty said...

I love this makeover! You took it from kind of shapeless to very, very cute. Clever.


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