Monday, May 31, 2010

Simple Wonders

I am truly brought back to earth by my youngest daughter and shown how the simple small things can make children happy.
We went to Story Time at the local bookshop this morning and the main story was 'My Mum has X-Ray Vision' by Angela McCalister. Before the story each child was asked if their mum had a super power. My darling Mia when asked what my super power was, answered with the following, "She can turn the tv on without a remote". Others were, ' she can cook dinner really fast after we have been to swimming' and 'she always knows just what I want in my sandwiches'. Children are so sweet when they are little.
After the story all the children got to make their own pair of x-ray vision glasses.

When story time was all done it was off to the coffee shop for our customary Hot Chocolate and Babycino with orange sprinkles and marshmallows. My hot chocolate must be shared once the babycino is gone as 'yours is much bigger than mine mum so therefore you must share'. It doesn't count that I am much bigger than her and therefore get a bigger drink.

On a me note, I finally finished the cuff  and I must say I am very impressed with how it has turned out. I have been putting off finishing it off as I didn't want it to not be as good as I imagined  it would be ( confusing and rambling arent I - did I actually make sense?) Well I needn't have worried. It is better than I had imagined. I am now inspired to see how far I can get on another one tonight.
Now the only challenge is to find somewhere to sell them that will actually make me a decent amount of money for the time that goes into these.

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