Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lazy Days

Oh how nice it is to be able to sleep past 5.30am on a Sunday. Not having a market to be at today was sublime. The fact that it was raining and blowing a gale just added to the snuggliness of the bed - add to that the cuddles I got from Mia.

Rain - I love it - but not at a market

Even the dog enjoyed me not being at a market as he got a walk on a Sunday morning - The rain did not halt him for a second. The bath when we got home to remove his new mud coat however was not the perfect end to his morning.

Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous has a post today on what it is to be a craft-a-holic and to prove to myself that that title did not fit me, I decided that there was going to be no 'work' done by me today and instead I would spend my Sunday off enjoying the family and everything that entails. I think however that I am a craftaholic as even as I was cooking the chilli mussells for lunch and then watching both girls play horses and riders, designs for new cuffs and possible clasps and then where to source said clasps as I had no idea what the types were called or if they existed, were pushing their way through until I had to jot a couple down on the phone pad notebook.

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