Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cozy Coffee

As someone who always doubts whether people really use stuff they buy from me at markets etc, it is nice to see my coffee cozy's popping up on peoples cups in unexpected places. I was at the bakery this morning and as I was leaving I glanced at a group of ladies having a coffee at one of the outside tables. As I passed I noticed one of my cozies on a cup and listened in long enough ( i know that is bad) to hear one of the friends ask where she got such a cool cozy and could she get her one. The lovely lady's reply was " Oh there is is this great lady at Mornington Market that sells them and a whole lot of other cool stuff. We should all go next month."
Trying not to smile too hard I decided it was time to redo my photos for my madeit shop and try to show the cosies off to their best not just the prototype that was initially listed. As if it was preordaned, when I got home the sun came out and made for some lovely photos. Here are a few....

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