Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tickled Pink

Being rather new at having a shopfront and selling through online craft outlets,I dont know about you but I love it when one of my products appears on the front page of a site like madeit or etsy. I know I pay for random front page images but I often wonder if they ever appear as I seem to be able to go days without seeing anything of mine but several of the same item from someone else. BUT last night I was just checking what lovely new stuff was out there when on three clicks on the home page 3 of my products from both Mumasupial and ME2 appeared. (1 each time). I was so chuffed that I had to screen capture the page to prove it to my self at a later date.

and then this morning when adding more stock both my Adjustable Sling and Bubba Boots on top line of the home page.

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