Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Normal Life Returns - But With New Crafting Thrown In!

Well today life returns to normal and after school drop off, cleaning, toddler wrestling, food shopping ( and then the putting away) school pickups and then cooking 2 separate versions of pasta for dinner ( Spag Bol for the kids and Tomato and Chilli Mussel Linguine for us) I did not feel like sorting and ironing the washing.
So instead I made friends with my glue gun and created some brooches for my mum to choose from as part of her mothers day present.

and then some earings for my sister ( Odd Socks) and I.

and then cos I had a couple of ring bases lying around  - a couple of rings.

This one ( red ) actually has a pattern in it that did not come up in the photo.

I could defrinately get into the habbit of making these and it is nice to do something that I can wear rather than always making things for children.
Only stopped tonight as I ran out of hot glue sticks. - bummer!

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