Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

What a wonderful Mothers Day it has been. I am a very lucky Mum. A good morning cuddle with my girls before heading off to the market for a day of good sales and happy people. Mothers Day markets see a lot more fathers and husbands walking around a little less reluctantly and add a perfect autumn day like today and it couldn't get much better.

Ariving home I was met by two girls eager for me to sit down and see what they had made.

First was Sarah with her beautiful card that she had made and a teatowel that the school had created with all the childrens faces drawn by themselves. Her wonderful mosaic mirror will come next week as the grouting hadn't dried by end of class on Friday. The perfect way to extend Mothers Day past one day.


Then there was Mia's card that Sarah had printed and glued for her to colour in.
Aparently the wording on the envelope says "Dear Mum, I love you. Love from Mia", and the inside of the card says "Dear Mum, Happy  Mothers Day. Love from Mia".


 Then came the chocolates and other goodies and the most appropriate commercial card I have seen. ( Mia always asks for peanut butter sandwiches, Sarah can never find socks and both think they need a bandaid a lot more than they actually do)

On opening the card fully you hear two voices call out "Mum, Mummy etc" in unison, just like I hear everyday.

Thank you to my 2 favourite girls for a perfect day!

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