Thursday, May 20, 2010

Time Flies

Wednesday night already. (Well Early Thursday morning really.) Where does the week go? Lets see.... Monday - sick. Not as sick as the rest of the family has been ( what mother ever is?) but still feeling blick. Tuesday - Food shopping and sewing orders. For some reason my family needs to keep eating. Quite and expensive habit really. got to get the orders out to help pay for the munchings.
Wednesday - Today - Gardening on one of the last nice Autumn days left. Apart from pulling the grass that continues to want to grow in my vegie garden I got the small bed ready for the Garlic to be planted tomorrow.
Finished off a couple of zipper creations I had been been working on and started an idea for a different style of cuff. One zipper in particular was being very unco-operative and I ended up just glueing it down in a spiral/curve pattern. When finished I liked it so much I was rather sad that there was shiny glue in all the gaps as I wanted to make it a cuff now. It will need a little more work but the ideas are brewing and I have a better way of making more detailed ones over the weekend.
My sister-in-law is an art teacher and has access to this recycle outlet for school art rooms. They go around  manufactures and collect their offcuts. Schools pay a small account fee and then  take a rubbish bag and fill it with whatever yhey want. Each school gets to do this 4 times before they ask for more money. I was meant to be going there tomorrow to hunt for rubber, leather and anything else I wanted. Sister-in-law only wanted a few small things so the rest of the garbage bag was mine. Unfortunately this will have to wait till next week.
Ah well, C'est la vie.
Now I am off to bed so I can get up warly and make some fresh chococlate muffins to take to Play Group tomorrow  for my day for morning tea.

Some pics of the new shop stock ...



Shoe Clips

and then the cuff brainchild

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