Sunday, May 16, 2010

Weekend Wrapup

Today being Flemington Market there is never much to say apart from the fact that today really cemented in my mind why I am cancelling out of this market next season. No need to say more.
So instead I though I would post some pictures from Sarah's basketball match yesterday.
This was the best game she has played ( she has only every played 4 - including yesterday). She dribbled the ball and could even have had a clear shot at goal but chickened out at the last second and passed to someone else who scored for the team. Needless to say they won 43 - 3. Go Wildcats!
While Sarah stormed (skipped) around the court, Mia, the little basketball fairy played on the spare court behind us.
Enjoy some of their happiness....

This is not one of the most flattering shot of her ball skills, but most were far more blurry.

 Having just passed the ball when she realised she could have goaled.-  Next time.

Now for the basketball fairy

Never have fairy wings taken such a beating!

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