Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cross Country Chocolate Cake and Trains

Well the lack of blogging for the last few days has been because there has not been the hour in the day for it.
Friday had Sarah running in the district cross country. She did very well improving almost 20m places since last year but still not quite up to interdistrict level. She has great plans for next year.

Our cross country champ

The rest of the day was spent getting the house ready for the real estate agents visit on Saturday Morning and then a delightful dinner (sans children) at a fabulous local thai restaurant with friends ( also sans children). After a sleep in on Saturday morning ( due to fact there were no children home), real estate agents were met and left just in time to collect Sarah and Mia before Sarah's basketball game. Home for dinner and then the sewing began. A tutu for a 2yr old birthday party on Sunday morning and figuring out how to sew the zippers to the new cuff so they are strong yet invisible. Fine curved sewing needles are wonderful but the eye of the needle is so teeny weeny!!! Needless to say it is working exactly as I wanted. ( Big bummer that with all the photos I do take I forgot to take on of the tutu)
Today was spent at the lovely Diamond Valley Miniature Railway to celebrate Annabelle's 2nd birthday. I have driven past this park so many times before and never knew what treasures lay hidden within.

Yummy Chocolate Birthday Cake

 Waiting for the train ride

Big sisters help beat the boredom of waiting

 Finally on the train

Mum and Mia

Mum and Mia - my favourite - pity about the sun

Devouring the lolly bag on the way home

Now late on Sunday night with dishes done and school uniforms ready I can finally get some time to myself to read all the lovely updates on google reader, update this blog, and maybe do some more stiching on the cuff. This last thing might have to wait as my eyes are very tired ( not helped by the yummy pinot) and when I think about it so it the rest of the body.

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