Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Well the roll certainly ended with a thud today!.
I had this long list of things to get done today and the only thing I did get done from the list was changing the sheets on all the beds to cosy flanalette to try and combat these cold nights that have hit us all of a sudden.

I wanted to try a reverse applique elephant on a top for Mia and also make her a semi matching skirt from the left over 'underneath' fabric and the also get a start on the wheat bag bears and more hats for the market on the weekend. Oh well - it just gets bumped to tomorrow's list.

I did however manage to get 2 new pairs of earings made and listed in my shop on madeit. Plus edit the shop front banners/logos, profiles etc to show the correct business name of "me" not the one I originally wanted "me2".

Must get off to bed now as I promised everyone I would have at least one night this week where I am alseep before midnight -well at least I will be in bed, if not asleep. Yet another thing to bump it to tomorrow's list.

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