Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Creative Space

My creative space today finds me creating new spoon ideas for the upcoming Christmas shopping markets.
Here is cook book holder idea #1

This one will be mine as I was a little distracted by a 3 yr old this morning when stamping the 'H', hence its wrong alignment. I can't believe I had stamped all the other words, spelling backwards, as I went without incident and I stuff up on a simple H , two words from the end. Arghhhhhh!!!

I also spent the day remaking  2 of my toddler drums that I thought were winging their way to my lovely madeit shoppers. Australia Post contacted me today to advise me that they had been involved in an 'accident' and were destroyed. They will reimburse me the cost of the goods and the original postage but when I said the replacements should be sent express post, I was politely told that that would cost Australia Post too much. Really???

While trawling the net the other day I came across a small brooch with the 'unknown Beatrix Potter tea drinking rabbit' on it and now I have located a copy of the picture for myself, I am trying to decide what to do, make with it etc.... (the original 10cm x 12cm painting sold for 15, 600 brittish pounds 2 years ago, I wrote this out as I couldn't find the pound symbol,).

Hmmmm, decisions, decisions.
If I think about this some more I am sure I can put off other proper work for a bit longer.

How has your 'space' been? Play along here at Lou's


Antje said...

I like the "H", ;-)
Best, Antje

Chantal said...

I agree with Antje .. someone might buy that just because the H is on an angle.
The Beatrix Potter print is gorgeous.

NessaKnits said...

I think that will just make the spoon a little more special and a little more collectable, especially since it was especially chosen for a blogging!


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