Monday, October 4, 2010

@my house

 @ my house today finds me greatly saddened, even with a clean house to start the new school term. Precious little house work was done around here last week while we were all sick and the place looked worse than I think it ever has. I don't think I have ever gone a week without doing anything  - nor will I again, no matter how sick. The marathon task to get it back to normal is too great.
The house had to be tidied this morning as I hate coming home from a trip, late at night, to a messy house, and this brings me to the sad bit. Tonight Brett and I are leaving the girls at my parents place and jumping on a plane to Brisbane. No kids, and a trip to Brisbane, should have us leaping for joy but we are in fact flying up for a close friends funeral. Craig and his wife were a tremendous support for me when I was pregnant with Sarah as Brett was working overseas from when I was 12 weeks pregnant to 33weeks pregnant - 1 week before Sarah was born -  and they were my surrogate family with Craig often saying he had more claim to Sarah than Brett as he was there for the boring first bit and helped me through all the classes just in case Brett didn't make it home in time.
For the past 10 years, our families have maintained as close a friendship that living 2 states away can allow. We would always catchup when their son was in Victoria for Tennis tournaments  or when we went anywhere near Qld for a holiday.
For such a wonderfully generous man it was a shock for us to learn last year that he had a very aggressive cancer that by the time it was diagnosed, had passed the point of being successfully treated. He tried every treatment/procedure there is but 8mths after diagnosis Craig lost his battle last Thursday night. Rest in Peace my dear friend and may your family have your strength to get through this horrid time.

Craig's sudden passing has really made me appreciate how wonderful life is and to see the beauty in the everyday things that are often overlooked. Find some beauty and play along  with Buttons by Lou Lou


Buttons by Lou Lou said...

Oh so sad Melanie. Thinking of you and the family. Such a sad time for everyone. Lou.

Catherine said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. Take care.

Chantal said...

Sorry to read of your loss. I hope you have many happy memories you can share with your friends this week.


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