Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Creative Space

My creative space this week finds me battling the dreary, cold, wet Melbourne winter with all too many days like this...

.... to find enough good natural light to photograph my lovely Craftaholics Anonymous Handmade Gift Exchange present from Keera at Live.Love.Sew.
Today however wet, miseable and cold it may be, it is the brightest day we have had all week. So here are some shots of the lovely creative journal I received.
Keera came across one of my posts moaning about how I wish I had more time to let creative ideas percolate etc and she came up with the lovely idea of a journal to draw, doodle and work ideas out in.
The cover for the journal is exquisite. Not only has she created a lovely patchwork front but she has also hand stiched some inspiring wording that winds its way around the entire cover. (I feel Keera has far more patience in her little finger than I have in my whole body)

Right down to my initials in the corner. ( Having the initials ME got me into a lot of trouble with teachers at school who thought I was being smart when asked to mark our initials in the corner of our work, but I digress)

I also received some lovely hair ties and clips for my girls in my package, but I cannot photograph them as they have gone away in the girls hair to their Grandparents for a sleepover while it is school holidays.

School holidays have been non stop to say the least around here but I have managed to get a few more of the cupcake pincushions made and out to new homes.Oh those wonderful wee hours of the morning!
When friends and family saw the one I made for Keera, the requests started pouring in.

The next lot aren't quite as large as Keera's but still just as cute.

This is the only one still to go to its new home....

I hope your week is full of sunshine and warmth and lots of creative space.
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Catherine said...

Your journal cover is just beautiful, I love the fabrics together they look fantastic. Your sweet cupcake is very clever and I love the colours, delicious. I hope you feel better soon and the weather fines up in Melbourne. x

Michelle @ RockMYRoll said...

Oh!!! That is adorable!! I want one!!

Lisa said...

*giggling at the ME initial part hehe**

just Gorgeous I love it.

spectacularfairywren said...

gorgeous i saw this in progress at hers and wondered what was. Love it you lucky duck!

Maxabella said...

Wow, that journal is stunning! You are one lucky lady, even if the weather isn't helping you think so! x

ElisabethAndree said...

Your journal cover is stunning!:)

Sandrine said...

I hope you get some nice sunshine, love your creative space super cute journal cover lucky you!!!

Adriana said...

Fantastic journal - love that patchwork cover!

Is that cupcake pincushion fleecy at the top... It's so beautiful.
I imagine it would look like sprinkles when it's full of coloured pins!

tartankiwi said...

Looks like you struck gold in the gift exchange, what a beautiful journal!
Oh and your cupcake looks super cute too.

Mami Made It said...

Lovely work!


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