Saturday, July 3, 2010

A Break in the Rain

It is not a nice way to spend the school holidays cooped up at home being sick and then just as you start to get better the weather really caves in. So to make up for this we took a break in the rain today as our chance to get out and get some fresh air - really cold air, but fresh air. We headed down to our local park by the beach, Mia about as rugged up as she could be and Sarah being the typical " I'm not cold" grade 5 kid. She did however layer up with thermals to keep me happy. I was really bummed that I did not take my camera to the park as there were a couple of great shots of them playing together and racing each other down the slide but when we made it to the beach for some sandcastle making, I remembered I had my phone and I hadn't tried out the new zoom feature for the camera on the iphone.
I must say I am rather impressed by the camera today as the light was not good (it was getting close to dark and at the moment that is not long after 5pm) and it did a pretty good job of not making everything blurry. It must like natural light better than inside light as the photos are always better.
We are hoping that tomorrow is a little brighter for longer so that we can head down there again or maybe up to the dandenongs in search of freashly roasted chestnuts.

This is my favourite shot for the day

Just for Mum

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Kristen @ said...

Just found your blog and wanted to say hello!! I just returned (a month ago) from my 4th month trip down under for my internship and LOVED it! :) Beautiful pictures!


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