Friday, July 9, 2010

Wishing for Knitting with a Giveaway thrown in.

- or at least the ability to be able to do it!
I have always found sewing and guesstimating at patterns fairly easy and generally my experiments turn out pretty well with only a few tweaks needed for the finished product BUT knitting on the other hand is a whole different story. I have attempted to learn to knit several times but each time has resulted in abject failure. I know you say anyone can knit - but not this little black duck. Just like my attempts to make scones. I can cook most other things but I could sell any attempt at scones to the army as amunition. Even a chef has guided me to making bullets and in the end threw his hands up and said some things just weren't for everyone.
Therefore I have to buy scones ( or have others make them for me) and gaze in wonder and awe at all the fabulous knitted creations that appear on eveyone's blogs. I must admit I like unusual items and this necklace at Kute Kiwi really caught my eye. I have seen several chain necklaces made from felt and the like but I think the wool gives it that extra something.

What do you think? Pop on over and check it out and you may even win one her wonderful creations.
P.S. I also like the flower on her wrist.

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