Monday, July 26, 2010

Through the eyes of a 2yr old.

I am constantly humbled by the simple wonders of the world  as seen through the eyes of my 2 year old daughter. Saturday night found us sitting ( and shivvering) under the bigtop of the Perry Brothers Circus - a family circus since 1880 - watching what probably would have been a great circus 20 years ago. Now, to an adults eyes the acts are tired, the performers are old and the 'sparkle' of a circus is missing due probably to the fact that this circus used to have lions end elephants etc, but there are now gone , as they are for all circuses, and the acts have not been replaced by anything eye-catching. .... BUT.... In the eyes of a 2year old ( and a 9 year old) the magic is still there. The clowns are still magic, the tightrope man is awsome and so is the balancing acrobat. ( I have to agree the balancing guy was really good). Each act was followed by enthusiastic applause and constant 'Wow''s and all we heard on the drive home was..'I want to go to the circus again tomorrow Mummy'.

Sunday was a suprisingly sunny winters day so we took advantage of the lack of rain to get out into the vegie garden. The broccoli, cauliflower and beans had all finished and needed to be pulled out and added to the compost so the garden can be ready for the next plantings. While I was pulling out the bigger plants  it was Mia's job to pull out all the grass that had sprung up along the edge of the garden. To her suprise she found the absolute last of our carrots. She spent the rest of the night, and all through dinner, pointing out that we were eating our carrots and that she had found them when everyone else had said there were no more.

The proud haul - albeit a small one

One chilli plant has been devastated by the frosts so it was also Mia's job to pick the last of the chillies on the bush before it was pulled up. Again these were proudly displayed to all as she had 'tected' ( protected) them from the nasty frost.

'Tected Chillies

This coming week brings busy, busy, busy. Shop listings to be done, wholesale orders to be sent and a new 'day job' to start. I have good intentions to post as much as I can, especially since this blog will be used as a family update as well as craft for the next few weeks as the grandparents tour the great Australian Outback, but we will see what time allows...
So for now I'll leave you with the thought....'Dont over think things. Sit back and enjoy the simple happiness to be gained from looking at things through the eyes of a 2year old'.

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