Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Creative Space

Todays creative space finds me recovering from probably the worst migraine I have ever had and I have had some doozies. Yesterday however, I could not stand up or even sit up without the head going and the vision unable to focus on anything. Subsequently from 10am yesterday til 8.30am this morning was spent in bed in a semi awake state. Almost back to normal today - just a little shakey and vision still goes blurry if I stare at the computer screen for too long. Hence any creative stuff done today will be faily basic and can almost be done on auto pilot. It consists of a pile of Wheat Bears for this weekend's market,( it has been so cold here lately that these have been selling really well),......

..... some more coffee cozies as these have also been selling really well but not always as coffee cozies. Some have gone to be worn a cuffs and others even as a large brooch ( the lady really loved the button). Some have even gone as pants extenders for pregnant women or as cuffs for kids jeans to extend their length. People constantly amaze me with their 'different' ideas.

Last but no least some more fleece flowers that can be worn on a beanie, headband, brooch or hair-clip.

I had planned to finally get started with stamping some washers and making some cool keychains, pendants etc but that will have to wait until my head can take loud banging noises again and the concentration/focus is back to 100%. Attempting something like that now would certainly produce some interesting/abstract outcomes  to say the least. Three weeks ago when I went looking for an alphanumerical metal stamp set, I could find nothing in Australia, even on ebay, and I was dreading haveing to pay the lovely cheap price  for the stamp set from the USA but the horrible postage (as they are not light). Now they are everywhere out here.

Postage in the USA is so cheap  in comparison to here. In the Christmas in July gift swap that I took part in from Craftaholics Anonymous, I received a lovely present from Salt Lake City for a total postage cost of $5.60. My parcel which weighed about the same but going to Canada cost a whopping $18! Even converting the US price into $AUS there is no comparison.

Pop on over to Kootoyoo to take a peek into other people's crafty world.

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KIM said...

wow you have been busy! i love the coffee cozies! i want one! :)


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