Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Road Block

As someone who is new to the world of blogging I find myself on a very fast learning curve but there are several bumps in the road that have become absolute road blocks. My main road block rears its ugly head when commenting on other peoples blogs. When I write a comment I sign in as Big and Little with Odd Socks and my profile picture is sitting nicely on the right hand side of the comment ( where it should be). When I post the comment however my picture disappears to be replaced by an empty square. Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong as it is becoming very annoying and no matter what I try I cannot fix it.
My other problem is responding to the lovely people who leave comments on my blog. Is there any way with a blogger blog that you can reply to the comment on your blog so that the person who wrote the comment will actually receive the reply?

To finish today - a sneak peek at what my table looks like at the start of my next creation. Stay tuned tomorrow for the outcome....
I know this photo may appear a little strange but I have been playing around with Picnik and the different effects on offer after watching Cheri's ( from "I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar") wonderful tutorial on easy photo editing and enhancing. I have used photoshop for the last few years but only scratch the surface of it as it is rather hard to learn if you are not a professional graphics person.
I know there will have to be a lot more experimenting on picnik in the very near future.......

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Kirsty said...

Hi Melanie

I think the photo disappearing thing has to do with the settings of the blog owner & nothing to do with you.

Blogger comment system is TERRIBLE. You can only reply if people have email enabled and then you can send an email reply.


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