Wednesday, June 9, 2010

More Beautifying

More blog beautifying, ( anything to let me put off doing my market sewing a little longer), this time in the form of a custom signature. I was going to have my handwriting converted to a font so I could write a lot in my 'own hand' but I dont have a scanner that works at the moment so used 'My Live Signature" instead. 
Who knows, in the future I might get my handwriting done.
To get the signature into the blog I used the tutorial by Linda at Craftaholics Anonymous but when I inserted the code in the template box on the settings page, it put the signature at the top of the post and I was unable to write above it. To rectify this problem I inserted the html code "<"B"R">"&"nbsp";"<"BR">" before the code for the actual signature ( a throw back to the days before children ), to give a blank line so that I can write the actual post.  If you wish to use this code  you will need to remove all the "". These were put in to stop a blank line being inserted in the post.
How about that? I actually did a sort of mini tutorial - albeit 1 line and even more amazing the computer programming brain that has not been used for 10 years still works! Now to prod it into remembering how to remove the template picture formatting or override it for one picture only.

Happy Days!

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