Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sniffles and New Shoes

Well I have finally caught what the rest of the family have been trying to give me for the last couple of weeks and it is not the way I wanted to start the school holidays. No cold and flu tablet seems to be able to put a dint in it either. Here's hoping that it doesn't linger as long as it did with everyone else -  there is too much planned for these 3 weeks.
On the brighter side of things I do love it when I find something unexpected in an op-shop. Voila - my new favourite purple shoes!

To compete with the large op-shop chain store Savers, all the little stores around here, ie salvation army and red cross, give you 50% off 1 item when you donate a bag of goodies. These shoes were $6.99 - had never been worn as they still had their plastic size stickers on the bottom of the sole and all stickers inside as well - and with my discount came down to $3.50 - Perfect!

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