Thursday, June 10, 2010


I find I am happiest when I find lovely thigs that people make or get ideas for me to make - that is excluding all the happiness a family brings. Family times are not always happy. We do have the normal amount of yelling, messy rooms, struggles to get homework/music practice done, and sibling wars, but I like to think of the 'happy' times on this blog. But I digress.....
Today I have found even more things to make me happy....

1. The wonderul photos by James and Karla Murray. They have this wonderful book Store Fronts: The Disappearing Face of New York. and how they are being replaced by the big malls. I want to now find if we have any like this in Australia, in particular Melbourne and if we do I want to start noticing them more and maybe photograph them for my photo a day blog.

2. The wonderful creations by Tamar Morgendorff. There are several of these I would love to have a try at making myself. I love her big sitting swan and will probably make this into a pouffe type seat for my girls.

3. last but not least my love of aprons has been enhanced tonight by the lovely  Flirty Aprons. In particular I love the Sassy Black one.

The wonderful Linda at craftaholics anonymnous is running a giveaway for one of these aprons. Pop on over and check it out if you would like to win one of these gorgeous aprons.

Now that I have listed these so I will not forget where they are - a very bad habbit of mine (so many wonderful pages and tutorials are floating somewhere in my subconsious. Ones that I promised myself I would never forget but cannot recall for the life of me) - I am off to unwind with the lovely glass of Pinot that has just been presented to me and begin the 4 day weekend with a bit of relaxing.

I hope you find your happiness.

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Little Snoring said...

I love Tamar's birds... so gorgeous. Thanks for the Market tips, it was all in all a great day. A bit quiet because of the weather, but I had a great time nonetheless.




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