Sunday, June 20, 2010

Shortest Lunch, Shortest Day, Longest Market

The Shortest Lunch is an even run by the smaller wineries of the Yarra Valley on the weekend of the shortest day of the year. Each of the smaller wineries of the region offer an entre sized meal and glass of wine for around $10. Yesterday saw us enjoying 6 wineries in the Seville region and we found that the smaller the winery, the bigger the serve of food and the better the wine.
Our day started with some absolutely delicious BBQ salmon and Pinot at Seville Hill Winery, then on to wine tastings as Whispering Hills. Their wine was nice but since they are only very small it was very cramped.

Seville Estate served the most delicious wasabi duck and the best Pinot and Pinot Gris of the day. I would highly recommend all of their wines to anyone. They also had great music and a very friendly dog.

Next on the list was Elmswood. Very beautiful and well set up but I am sure they were capturing and growing the ingredients for out mini pizzas as it took and incredibly long time for food to arrive.

Five Oaks vineyard was the least favourite of our stops but was followed by our final stop at Brumfiled Winery which offered a very relaxed atmosphere and lovely coffee for those who had to drive home soon. All in all a day that could very well be repeated next year.

After such a lovely day of wining and dining it was a rude shock to the body this morning to have to get up and leave for my final Flemington market in the rain. The only thing worse than rain and a market is wind and rain at a market. I was hoping for a wonderul day that would make me regret leaving this market but it proved my decision a correct one when the rain continued until about noon. Rain until noon marks and the death knoll of the market as no one comes to the market after that if they have not been out and about in the morning. Thus, sitting there in the rain with very limited customers made it seem like one of the longest markets of my seven years of markets. Were it not for the amazing sales of my coffee cozies at Red Hill Coffee stall and my need to constantly restock them the day would have been very boring indeed. These cozies also led to another business oportunity with Rebecca and Kate  fromt STREAT wanting to use my coffee cozies at their coffee carts to be located in the QV building in Melbourne and the surrounding CBD.

 STREAT is a wonderful organisation that offer homeless kids obtain some hospitatity and barista training in their mobile street food and coffee carts, which can lead to a variety of jobs to help them turn their lives around. I would love to be part of something that helps get kids off the streets. It brought home to me how lucky we really are and although the hot water system died yesterday and we have no hot water at the moment, we still have somewhere warm to live and sleep and with the temperatures dropping as low as they have been these last few nights I hate the thought of anyone having to try and find somewhere to sleep outside. I have decided that half of the profits made from the sale of my coffe cozies will be dontated to STREAT. If you would like one they can be found in my madeit store.

My pirate hats and flower hats sold well too which made up for the late nights and  the breaking of my sewing machine feel not so bad .

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