Thursday, June 17, 2010

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This wet, miserable and grey Thursday finds me excited with how well my new zipper cuff turned out. I have loved this mix of colours and when my cuff blanks finally arrived from the USA I couldn't wait to get started. I find it verydisappointing that I cannot find cuff blanks in Australia at a price anywhere near the US including postage. But that is a negative and today is all about positives!.
The decision is now whether or not to sell these cuffs? Since their time seems to have come and almost gone in the USA would they sell here or not as we are a season behind? Hmmmm something to ponder.

and a ' purple rain' cuff trying to use all the nylon zippers I have. I attached this to a cuff wider that I wanted. It was only supposed to be 1 1/4" wide not almost 2". It would look much better thinner. ( like me. hehehe)

The other creative part of this wet and miserable day will be making some of my new line of beanies for the market on Sunday. It will be my final Flemington market but Mornington and Red Hill will continue. My original model of tassell beanies is still popular but more and more mums and looking for close fitting beanies - especially for boys. So as the market demands I will provide.
Plain beanies for either boys or girls...

or dressed up with a flower which can be worn as a hairclip, attached to a headband or hair elastic etc or to a beanie.....

or have a skull and crossbones added for the little pirate in your life......

These hats all look a little 'warped' as many hands have been handling, squeezing and patting these at the market today and as a result the padding is no longer round. Photos were added much later as the ones taken on Thursday had very bad lighting and looked terrible.

To pass some more time on this miserable day pop over to and find out what other creatively ckever people are up to.


Kellie Christie said...

WOW I like these a LOT!!! I have just bought some zippers intending to use them for brooches and necklaces. I make jewellery mostly form buttons but am experimenting and branching out. I think your cuffs will sell for sure.

moose and bird said...

These look great! I love the colours of the first one. Hope you are having a lovely weekend. xo


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