Monday, June 21, 2010

The Power of 3

Why is it that bad things happen in 3's? This time, to be totally different, our three unfortunate events have been 3 new things that I have never done or had occur before. Let me walk you through them.....

1. Jumped under the shower at 5:30am yesterday morning wanting to get my kickstart before the market only to jump out even faster and colder than when I jumped in. NO HOT WATER! Since it was still  dark outside and everyone else was asleep I went with water from the kettle instead of a wakeup shower ( no substitute). Left matches out for Brett  with a note to check the pilot light when daylight came. Got home from the market wanting a 'thaw out' shower however it was not to be. Hot water service dead and new one needed. Unfortunatly not possible on a Sunday.

2. Lost Credit Card. I was out shopping for a birthday present for Brett ( I know a bit late since his birthday is today) when I got the call that the plumber wanted to come now to install the new hot water service. Flew through the checkout as fast as I could and raced home. Went out much later to buy some cream for the pavlova only to find credit card missing! After a few seconds, which seemed like ages, of sheer panic decicded that the last place I had used it was Target - I must have left it in the eftpos machine in my rush. The new security chips might be good but swiping the card meant you never let go of it. Rang the store and asked if anyone had handed it in. The lovely boy checked the safe and all the registers but nothing. What shitty person took my card from the eftpos machine and kept it? Bad karma to that person please. Got home and rang the bank to canel the card. Bummer that it cancels Brett's too. Oh well, better to be without it for a few days than let someone have a spending spree on me tonight via the internet.

3. FIRE! As today is Brett's birthday and since I didn't get him a present for this morning. I wanted to make a big fuss tonight. We started with bunting and balloons, 1/2 dozen oysters each for Brett and I, followed by baked Salmon (sea bream for the girls) with a herb crust, baby potatoes, carrots and zuccini in lemon pepper and broad beans( especially for Brett) and topped off with presents and party poppers before I managed to fit 44 candles on the pavlova. Sarah and Mia then wanted to have sparklers. Once I started to put the candles on the pav I had this feeling of fire and thought that it was just that with so many candles all the flames may join together to make one massive flame, but not, they were all blown out after a hearty rendition of Happy Birthday. My next though twas Brett and his sparkler against the party popper streamers but  again no - these only shrivelled up in response to the heat. I was starting to relax when Sarah started yelling and Brett flew up from his seat. The Bananas in pyjamas couch was on fire!. I was amazed how fast the little couch burnt. Brett grabbed one of the chairs and squashed the fire out on the floorboards. I know I should be glad but all I could think was "not the polished floor". I grabbed the ottoman and ran out the front door. Maybe running wasn't the best as it certainly fanned the flames which were about 1foot high by the time I made it out the door, but there was a satisfying hiss when I drove the stool into the wet grass. The only other casualties were a couple of my large floor cushions and some tulle I had to make a new tutu with. Luckily the surface on the polished floor didn't suffer to badly either. Sarah was inconsolable for ages as it was her sparkler that touched the couch to start everything off. She said she had visions of the whole house burning. ( I think she has learnt her lesson now about respect for fire) She also couldn't understand why I wasn't cross that she had ruined things. I finally convinced her that cushions etc do not matter and as long as everyone was ok everything else was just stuff and that she hadn't ruined the party.

With Mia finally in bed, I helped Sarah finish her recycled fashion assignment. We were initially  going to make a denim skirt from a pair of worn out jeans but we had a major purge last month and all the clothes went to the Salvation Army. With my sewing machine out of action we settled for a tie snake like the one I made Mia last night from and adaption of Vanessa at V and Co's Rattle Snake Buddy. As we dont have rattle snakes here in Australia they would mean nothing to the girls so we made carpet pythons instead as they come in a wide range of patterns.

Mia's 'Snakey' sleeping on the grass this afternoon.

Sarah's 'Mickey the Sake' made from a mickey mouse tie that was the most cheaply made tie on the planet. Amasing what low quality had the official Disney name on it.

Sarah's recycled fashion diorama. A clothesline with clothes made from my fabric scraps held on with Pegs I bought so long ago that I now have no idea what I had planned for them.

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Missie Krissie said...

Congratulations on having the presence of mind to run out the door with the ottoman. When things like that happen to me I freeze and cannot make the little mouse in my brain get back on his wheel! lol A very event filled few days!


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