Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Creative Space

With a radical change in hair colour, the downsizing of my markets and the wintery weather, this weeks creative space is the chance to make something just for fun. As I have just about finished my gift for the craft swap on Craftaholics, the only limit is my imagination.
I want to refashion some old t-shirts into dresses for Mia, make a tulle skirt ( better than the ones in the shops) for Mia and maybe even a twirly pink skirt like Angelina Ballerina, also for Mia. Then there are Sarah's request of skirts and scarves for winter. For me, well a new apron would be nice - maybe out of teatowels or old jeans and I would like to try one of my zipper cuffs made into a collar/bib type necklace.
Oh the ideas just keep coming. -  especially when browsing all the wonderfully creative people on Kootoyoo Hopefully over the following days, many of these ideas will be making their pictorial debut on Big and Little and their street debut during our school holidays.


Stephanie and Carlos said...

Oh I hope you get it all done.... Make sure you have a list and tick it off as you go... Good luck...

Xo Steph

Mira Narnie said...

sounds a bit like the voice in my head - make this, oh no, make that first oh and how about this - it just gets longer and longer. you sound like you have some great crafty ideas!!

Reeze said...

Creative to-do lists just keep growing, yours sounds great, can't wait to see them when they're finished...especially the Angelina ballerina neice wants one:P


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