Thursday, August 5, 2010

My Creative Space

My creative space for this week is not quite as advanced as I had hoped it would be. Delayed by life, work and happily the sale of my first spoon on madeit within 2 days of listing them, yay - so excited, and an unexpected order from a new retail outlet  for my kids drums and bubba boots, my train caddy has not evolved very far.
Last night when everyone was tucked up in bed the first drafting stage began, complete with 1/2 size mockup, and then the full size trial and series of adjustments as I found out that just doubling everything did not work,

This photo was taken at about 1:30am when I finally decided that
1. no more could be done without fabric and it was too late to start searching through the stash
2.the fact that I needed to be up and awake in under 6 hours
.....  so excuse the bad lighting etc.

I would have thought that as I only had to choose the fabric today I would have made a start and even got it finished but my true libran indecisiveness kicked in to its fullest and I think it took me over 5 hours to finally decide on the colour combination. So as a result this is as far as I got.

Hopefully tomorrow will see it completed and I can post some pictures of it in all its glory. I have a good feeling that this will be a winner with Mia when it is finished as we had to take the paper version out today with us so she could play with with her trains.

Hope your creative space has been a little more productive.
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You can now see the finished track in all its glory here. 


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Bellgirl said...

wow, it's looking great even in draft form! I've been looking forward to seeing it. I'm too familiar with the feeling of crafting in the small hours with the wake-up call bearing down on you, but I have to say it's a long time since I've been up at 1.30- you're a legend!

Congratulations on your spoon sales!


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