Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Who let the ducks out?

When graced with a wonderous winter afternoon of sunshine what else is there to do but get out in it. It has been ages since we have fed the ducks at the botanical gardens so I chopped up all our old bread, grabbed my camera, and the new remote control, and headed out with Mia.

It has obviously been quite a while since we had been there as the ducks are gone!. The pond, which in summer is brimming with 20+ ducks was empty, apart from the obligatory seagulls. To my knowledge, ducks did not fly north for the winter in Melbourne - they stuck it out in the cold with the rest of us. Bummer - photo op gone. So instead of throwing the bread into the water for the ducks we spread it out on the grass for the pigeons, sparrows, and other birds that live in the park.

the duckless pond
  A trip to the park is nothing without a turn on the swings, and since we were the only ones there (like having our own giant private garden) everything inch of ground had to be explored.

as well as all the rocks that had to be jumped off.

After many failed attempts, and shots of hands, or sky, or very close faces, while checking to see if the camera had gone off, I successfully mastered the remote control. Now, there is just the problem of hand placement and/or as I now find out using the 2 sec delay.

With everyone alseep early tonight I have a chance to get some spoons listed in my madeit shop and enjoy a nice cup of white tea.    Ahhhhhh.

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