Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Creative Space

My creative space this week has not been very crafty - apart from painting my nails hot pink and buying up all the spoons I could find at the Camberwell market on Sunday. (Oh and Mia's attempt at lip gloss, watched and most probably encouraged, I might add, by her big sister who did nothing to stop it -  just took photos on my phone.)
Instead of crafting, I have had a crash course on Kosher cooking.
We are having guests to dinner tonight that only eat  kosher food. I will not be able to do everything totally kosher as I have only 1 of all the main appliances in my house but  I think I am playing it as safe as I can by going  vegitarian so no meat and dairy can bump into each other. It is a perfect excuse to buy a new chopping board and new knife but I will not however buy a new wok for the night or new cutlery. We will just have to pretend that these have never touched both meat and dairy when cooked.(Hopefully they are not too strictly kosher and can bend the rules a little) I did consider serving a cold meal as this makes kosher much easier as meat and dairy can actually meet on the one plate but as winter is still letting us know that it is not over yet, a hot meal is an absolute necessity.
With kosher dips and bikkies and a kosher dessert I hope my 'almost kosher' main course is ok. Just in case though I have bought a pre-made totally kosher meal - designed for kosher people to eat easily in non kosher households, as long as they witness the opening of the packet and it stays in its own container and doesn't touch one of my meat 'dirty' plates.

This is what my attempt at dinner will hopefully look like ....
Yellow Curry of pumpkin with green beans and cashew nuts

I must admit that even though I  enjoy a new cooking challenge and the people at Alex's Kosher and Continental Mart in Caulfield have been very helpful and very patient with my many questions, kosher is not something that can easily be worked into a non-kosher household.
Hopefully next week I will be a little more crafty (although it is the start of a very hectic few weeks with birthdays) and I should have my new line of products ready to hit my madeit shop and  preview here.

Till then see what other crafty people have been up to at Kirsty's

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Chasing Purple Dreams said...

I hope tonight is a great success. I understand your challenge; I have never cooked kosher, but have a girl friend who is 100% vegan – no meat no dairy – ever. She is ok with using my utensils plates etc, but her brother has been know to throw away a plate in his family home when he found out it had once touched meat. Luckily for me I have never had to cater for him!


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