Monday, August 2, 2010

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

With the wet and dreary day that greeted us yesterday I would not have dreamt that this would be the heading for the day, however you never can tell what Melbourne weather will provide.
First was the plane part - fairly standard on any weekend around here where there is no wind. Brett had one student sitting his pilots exam and another needing to go through a final flight with Brett before sitting the prac part of his next flight level.
Secondly,Mia is absolutely besotted with trains. Way back in May we went to a friends 2nd birthday at the Diamon Valley Miniature Railway and Mia was in love. ( Sarah enjoyed it too but riding miniature trains is not the 'coolest' of things for a 9 year old girl to admit to). Since then Mia has constantly been asking me if we can ride the trains again. Unfortunately it is just over and hours drive so not exactly somewhere you just pop over to. But yesterday was different. Brett had been working a lot, and therefore not had much time to do anything with the girls, and the coming week was going to be even worse, so we dragged him away to do something special.
Although it was very cold, and I am talking only single digits, we rugged up and took the automobile to ride  the trains.

For $3 a ride, I consider it very good value for a 15 min ride on a train, through tunnels, across bridges, round islands etc. It is anything but a boring circular loop.

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Everyone needs an icecream after a train ride - even if it is mid winter and struggling to reach 9'C

Then it was home  in the automobile again before the nasty storm hit. - perfect weather to enjoy a roast dinner to cap off the weekend

My remote control for my digital SLR arrived today so next on my list of things to do, after the necessary nasties, is to see how well it works and play with the camera.


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