Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tower building on a Rainy Sunday

Last week while browsing the blogosphere, Annabel from Bellgirl, challenged us to figure out what she was working on. I guessed it , a drawstring play mat,  but only because I had made one for my daughter.

My sister and I had a mat similar to this when we were little to hold all our lego so when I needed somewhere to keep all of Mia's blocks, it was time to raid the fabric stash and recreate a relic from the past.
So on this very miserable, wet and cold Sunday morning I thought I would show you our toy mat in action. What better thing to do when you cant go outside than build towers.

Now we know where all the blocks are at all times

Ready to go

Let the building commence

Now to sit down and plan the next project for my train loving daughter - a variation of My Little Gems' Car Cozie tutorial  to accomodate some trains with a loop of track running around the outside. Hopefully I will have something to show later this week.
That is unless the weather clears and we ride the trains at the Diamond Valley Miniature Railway.

1 comment:

Bellgirl said...

Yay! I love the double-sided look! I like the idea of a full-loop train cozie, looking forward to seeing it!


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