Monday, August 23, 2010

@my house

Today at my house finds me cuddlling a very miserable Mia who is full of cold and snuffles and doesn't want to move - just sit on mummy's lap. This is a bit of a shame really as the house could do with a decent clean after the whirlwind weekend that happened around here. Between Brett getting back from camp and all that entails, Sarah's basketball, watching Collingwood just beat the Adelaide Crows (YAY) and then and early Sunday morning start to try and get the bike rack attached to my car before heading off to the Camberwell market with my sister ( a bountiful day was had with many treasure bargains coming home with us), then to head home for a quick bite before finding out that Sarah's bike does not fit a standard bike rack (blast the new fangled shock absorbers) so has to be squeezed into the back of my hatchback as well as the car seat for Mia - a very tight fit I can tell you. It was then off to Casey Fields to stand in the cold and the wind ( despite the sun) to watch Sarah at her first training session for HPV - not the papiloma virus, it is actually 'Human Powered Vehicle' and is a endurance race for teams of eight  who ride a highly modified recumbant trike. I am not very good at describing it so here is a link if anyone is interested.  RACV Human Powered Vehicle Challenge.

 Sarah being strapped in to the trike

The trikes in action in last years competition

I am now watching Secret Millionaire which is actually in Frankston this week and I am rather disappointed that it is only made to look like the worst place on earth where everyone is hooked on drugs, and generally living in below par conditions. I know there are a great number of people like this down here but there are also a lot of people who are making a success of their lives, regardldess of their income, and I wish the millionaire had looked a bit harder and found more of the good organisations that help people and how they have helped to turn lives around.
Climbing down off my soapbox, I am off to tackle the mountain of washing that needs to be sorted, ironed and folded. I wish there was a little fairy for this - I hate ironing.
Now you have a glimpse of life in my house, I will see you at Lou's.

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Buttons by Lou Lou said...

That does sound like quite a busy weekend. Lots of good bits in there.

Sounds like Monday was a mixed blessing. Nice that you could have a quieter day and lots of cuddles after a busy weekend, but frustrating that you had to sit and look at all the jobs that needed to be done to get things back in order for the rest of the week.

Hope your little girl gets better soon. Thanks for joining in again this week. Lovely to visit your house. Lou.


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